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Cirrus Creative Series brings diverse creative groups together to explore and share knowledge on varying topics.​​​​​​​

At Cirrus, we believe in fostering creativity and community. Our goal is to provide a space where individuals can connect, collaborate, and share their creative interests and knowledge. 

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Gain new perspectives on image creation at this insightful workshop led by Rye Whalen, photo studio owner and design leader. Come prepared to tap into the well of inspiration that comes through the intersection of photography and art.

Design with Spines! Join us on Thursday, June 20, 2024, as Audrey Scheere of @oldpueblocuriosities shares a unique collection of saguaro-inspired logos and leads a creativity-boosting workshop. Saguaros are everywhere in Tucson—in our deserts, yards, storefronts, and signs. This iconic cactus has become a beloved symbol of the Old Pueblo.

It’s showtime! Join fellow designers for our first-ever Peer-to-Peer Portfolio Review. Although portfolio review events are typically reserved for students, designers at all levels—from emerging creatives to experienced professionals—can benefit when a fresh set of eyes takes a look at their work.

An expert panel will lead discussion on the uses of drones, explore flying and editing techniques, how to earn a profit and review rules and certificate information.

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