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It starts with a quality plan.

Launching a new product or service is an important part of what makes a business successful. The more customers know about what is new, unique and better about your market offering, the sooner your sales may grow. It’s also about generating sales momentum and excitement!

We’re well versed in all aspects of a product launch.

A product launch is a process that generally has many components that work together over a period of time.
Cirrus Visual uses: • Social Media • Web • Email • Point of Purchase Displays • Video • Tradeshows

As well as other various forms of print to help clients launch their new products. The internal communication of a company is also important when launching a new product or service. The Sales and Marketing teams need to be on the same page and often a sales kit is developed that allows sales people to be trained on the new product as well as have all of the necessary communication tools to successfully offer their product to their customers. Cirrus will often complete the kitting and distribution of sales kits and marketing tools to ensure a successful launch.

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