Tucson Audubon "Birdathon" Logo

CLIENT Tucson Audubon Society, Tucson Arizona

PROJECT "Birdathon" Logo

NEED Annual campaign identity

SERVICES Graphic Design

CHALLENGE In the past, a different bird has been used each year for the "Birdathon" campaign, but they requested for Cirrus to create a standardized logo that would be used to consistently identify the event in the years to come.

SOLUTION Cirrus developed a modular design system that established a standard visual identity, while being used for a wide variety of applications. 

The Tucson Audubon Society hosts an annual campaign, "Birdathon", where much like a Runathon, participants are encouraged to raise money by seeing how many birds they can find. From early April to early May (migration season), bird watchers pick a 24 hour period of time and try to find as many bird species possible. They raise funds by getting lump donations or per-bird. Last year they raised over $40,000!

The previous logos changed from year to year, making it hard to establish a recognizable identity. They also needed a modular design system so they can mass-produce merchandise and collateral that could potentially live beyond the year the logo was tied to.

Cirrus developed a contemporary style concept with a regional focus. The Arizona state outline and state flag colors are paired with a "Curve Billed Thrasher" bird icon with an offset color style.

The icon can work separately on promotional materials and still reference both the region and the Birdathon event.

RESULTS  The logo fulfilled all needs - it sparks the local love, the passion of the birdwatcher, and can be modified for an endless combination of applications.

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