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Brand Standards

A brand is more than a logo, it’s a company’s collection of visual and emotional expressions, both physical and intangible, that affect what people think of the company and its products and services. It can be expressed in the form of voice, packaging, atmosphere, culture, colors, typefaces, online presence, signage, employees, experience and a logo.

The brand establishes customer perception and drives engagement. Consistency in that brand reflects professionalism, which brings integrity and trust. Here are 5 steps to keep a consistent brand:

  1. Be consistent across all platforms. There can be a shift in voice depending on end application (LinkedIn vs Facebook) but they should all feel like they came from the same company. The email signature should match business card, which should match the box, which matches the delivery truck, etc.

  2. Get the entire team on board. Share brand assets by making them available in a common location and let everyone know the plan to integrate the company’s branding into every outward facing communication and client touchpoint.

  3. Designate a Brand Officer. This person will keep the assets current and can answer any question on brand application. They will ensure staff understands the brand story and will enforce consistent use.

  4. Be active in channels that align with your brand. Know your audience and understand your key clients, then use that knowledge to show your personality through image and message. Drive awareness through persistent efforts.

  5. Develop a Brand Standards Guide. The guide will go into as much detail as needed, with the foundation of logo use, selected fonts and approved colors. Additional content may be created for stationery, advertisements, packaging, online use, messaging, etc.

Contact Cirrus to help create your own Brand Standards Guide and establish rules that will build equity for your brand!

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