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An expert panel will lead discussion on the uses of drones, explore flying and editing techniques, how to earn a profit and review rules and certificate information.

Cirrus Visual is celebrating 25 years in business! Our relationship-centered approach, coupled with our Cloud 9 Service, has been our top priority, resulting in a reputation for delivering exceptional results for a quarter century.

Direct mail is a powerful tool, but it’s not one-size-fits-all. There are different formats, and there are pros and cons to each. Let’s look at some differences between the two most popular formats: envelopes and postcards.

Did you know that more than half (57%) of people who own branded promotional items keep them for five years or more?

Cirrus' president was honored with the presentation of PlanProphet's 2022 Ambassador of the Year Award. 

Cirrus provides printing services to help vendor showcase their treasures.

Cirrus’ Art Director, and Tucson graphic designer, Chris Carls, penned another great article for AIGA. Read along to see what Chris has to say about the top themes for 2022 and how the last two years have given us plenty of time to ponder, and have opened our eyes to new ways of SEEING.

Cirrus showcased some of our best event promotion products and services in partnership with our friends at El Tour de Tucson. We were tasked with giving the race a new look, one that was worthy of the caliber and scale the event has earned over the past nearly forty years. Riders were engaged with bolder colors and brighter signage that were sure to create excitement with each passing mile. The new look was emblazoned on the many things we will be producing for the event, such as course maps, posters, stickers, personalized race bibs, badges, banners, directional signage, tents, event displays and so much more!

We are thrilled to be recognized as Top Independent Printer and a leader in customer loyalty for our highest overall customer loyalty and satisfaction rating by LoyaltyLoop. Results were based on over 23,000 survey responses from customers who recently completed a purchase and were asked how likely they would be to recommend the business to others. Thank you for your continued support of Cirrus and for your generous survey responses and online reviews!

Our very own Art Director, Chris Carls, recently penned an article, "Design Trends for 2021" that was published in AIGA Arizona! Read about his insights on what makes 2021 so different and what he has to say regarding top themes like Inclusivity, Nostalgia, Positivity, and Nature.

There is nothing more rewarding than working hard and receiving a medal! Check out these custom designed medals for Run Tucson as part of the Gabe Zimmerman Triple Crown series. Want to earn one of these beautiful medals? If you are already registered for the series, you will receive your next two medals at the Tucson 10K and Get Moving Tucson Half. Hope to see you at the finish line! Read more about other upcoming races and events at

The Cirrus Visual building is the canvas to one of Tucson’s many beautiful murals.

Cirrus is proud to be chosen as the canvas for one of four new downtown murals. The murals are part of the Tucson Arts Brigade Downtown Mural Project. Murals have recently become destinations and landmarks, bringing people together to enjoy iconic works that beautify our city.

Cirrus Visual helps local companies and organizations develop and execute brand identities through services such as logo design, app design, business cards, direct-mail postcards, labels, packaging, business cards, trade show exhibits, online catalogs, event graphics, menus, magazines, T-shirt designs and vehicle wrap designs.

Brandon Blair, president of Cirrus Visual in Tucson, Ariz., describes his company's journey to become a successful Marketing Service Provider offering graphic design creative services, up to five-color digital printing, event marketing, wide-format printing, promotional products and more.

Cirrus Visual Grows Digital Print Business by 60%, Broadens Revenue Streams with Ricoh.

Fast pace high quality video answer to the question "How do I prepare for a Trade-show" Highlighting the 10 steps that Cirrus Visual assist corporate clients with their comprehensive commercial printing, graphic design and marketing services.

Use your team of employees as a resource for marketing to create diversity in points of view on your company.

Cirrus Visual featured in DPS Magazine for our work on the Reid Park Zoo invitation.

There’s nothing like great content marketing, and blogging is the place to start. Today, we’re going to talk about why you should be blogging, and some easy tricks to get going.

In the age of technology and social media advertising, print marketing is still a very relevant form of advertising.

Like guerrilla warfare, guerrilla marketing offers low-cost tactics that include an element of surprise. Your business meets potential customers where they stand, while generating leads and saving you money.

The term “brand” is one that is used frequently by marketing and graphic design agencies, and recognized easily by consumers.

If your logo looks like a bad ‘80s movie or no longer reflects your evolving message, it is probably time to consider a rebrand.

Testimonials are an effective marketing tool that build trust, are candid and convincing. So how can your business use testimonials? Today we’ll take a look and find out.

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