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Small Business Survival Kit

February 20, 2017 | By Cirrus Visual

Have you created a survival kit for your business yet? You may have plenty of different resources you turn to, but what about people? Specifically, your team. Remember: You aren’t the only tool in your small business survival kit.

Getting the team on board with your marketing is beneficial to you for many reasons. For one, it creates a diversity in points of view on your company and enhances the culture, but still allows you to maintain a cohesive message. When it comes to social media and print marketing, here are a few ideas:

  • Have your employees write “guest” blogs on a topic relevant to your business.
  • Ask staffers to snap photos with their phones of what a day at the office looks like and post them to Instagram.
  • Have an ongoing “Overheard at the Office” Facebook and Twitter post series

You hired your employees for their diverse skillsets, so why not show that off to your customers in a creative way? It’ll give them a glimpse into who the people are that they’re doing business with, and make them love you even more.

Getting your team involved in the marketing also helps to keep your marketing activity consistent across the board. Assigning tasks to each employee helps to break up the work, which can be overwhelming when it comes to marketing, and makes each link of the chain even stronger.

One thing you’ll need to watch out for is having too many people adding to your company’s message. It’s possible to have too many hands on deck, which dilutes your message. If you have a few employees who tend to drift off point, assign them tasks where they will shine, and still benefits the brand as a whole.


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