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Hear from Matthew J. Nelson, Executive Director for the Arizona
Association on how they get Peace of Mind with Cirrus Visual.

What is your passion?
Preservation of wild places and a trail that takes you deep into the heart of those places. The Arizona Trail Association has a passion for engaging volunteers, inspiring youth, and providing 800 miles of adventurous trails that have a transformative impact on the lives of mountain bikers, hikers, runners, backpackers, equestrians, and other non-motorized recreationalists that spend time on the AZT.

What makes you unique?
With the help of thousands of volunteers and hundreds of business partners and state and federal agencies, the Arizona Trail Association was able to build a trail from Mexico to Utah in less than 30 years. It’s a truly incredible feat and is used as a model nationwide. The AZT is the largest volunteer service project in the history of Arizona.

What drives your business?
Volunteers, donors and members. Over 1,000 individuals and organizations volunteer every year. Donors who love the AZT supply much needed funds to maintain and protect the trail. And the heart of our organization is within our membership (individual members and business partners). Without the help of the entire Arizona Trail community, the AZT would not exist.  

How did Cirrus bring you peace of mind?
Cirrus is simply the greatest design and print company we’ve ever worked with. Cirrus is responsible for some of our most noteworthy designs, including the Colossal Vail 50/50 logo, the Arizona Trail Completion Award, the Arizona Trail Ale can design, and much more. Cirrus helps our organization share our mission and vision with the trail community. Cirrus also brings the ATA peace of mind because they are out there on the trail and act as exemplary trail ambassadors, stewards and supporters.

Learn more about the Arizona Trail Association and become a member at

For over 5 years, Cirrus Visual has sponsored a section of Arizona Trail, now virally known as “Cloud 9”. It is located in Passage 7 and starts at Sahuarita Road/Highway 83 and heads south for 5 miles. Go for a ride or hike today!




For more information or to sign up for the Colossal Vail 50/50 Ultra Run on November 14th, 2015, visit

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