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Hear from Jeanette Maré, Ben's Mom and Executive Director
of Ben's Bells on how they get Peace of Mind with Cirrus Visual.

What is your passion?
At Ben’s Bells we are passionate about helping people incorporate the practice of KINDNESS into their everyday lives. It’s not easy being a human and sometimes kindness is hard! We provide opportunities to learn about and practice kindness at home, school, work, and throughout the community. Yes, kindness skills can be taught and practiced and when we improve these skills we improve every aspect of our lives. And kindness skills are the foundation for all other learning – it’s life changing business!

What makes you unique?
Ben’s Bells serves hundreds of thousands of people through a train-the-trainer model. We provide the resources and the people put that knowledge into practice and share it with others. Our work is organic, bottom up and is crazy infectious! We’ve taken the immensely popular green ‘be kind’ flower and used that symbol to frame this vital community-building work. Many programs that promote social emotional learning or emotional intelligence work are restricted to a certain setting like a school or a workplace. The work of Ben’s Bells is infused throughout our community and everyone can participate in it and everyone benefits from it.

What drives your organization?
Our organization is driven by the passion of the people who engage in our programming. People want to care for each other better. They want to care for the earth and its creatures better. They want to learn the barriers to kindness so that they can overcome those barriers and enrich their own life and the lives of the people around them. Our organization is driven by science that proves the importance of this work. From individuals to families to institutions, Ben’s Bells serves all of us!  

How did Cirrus bring you peace of mind?
The Cirrus folks are Kindness Superheroes! They understand that kindness skills are not “soft” skills, but rather are foundational for a healthy community. They understand our need to raise funds to support this work that changes so many lives and so they help. And they help big! Cirrus creates amazing designs for our El Tour de Tucson Team KIND kits and t-shirts and they completely donate their services! Their amazing designs mean we sell more kits and raise more funds! Plus, they’re just awesome to work with! Talk about KIND!! Superheroes, truly! We are grateful! 

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