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Hear from Daniel Lust, President of the Cascade Foundation on how they get Peace of Mind with Cirrus Visual.

What is your passion?
My passion is to work hard and play hard. This passion includes riding bikes. I have met some of my closest friends, made great business connections and experienced a wide variety of events all because of my love and passion for riding my bike. I have not only pushed myself to new limits personally, I have been able to enjoy and share some amazing memories over the years.  

What makes your organization unique?
Our mission is simple – to provide a local support system for those who are dealing with hemophilia, and to enhance their lives in some way. The Cascade Foundation is unique in that the board (with the exception of myself as a father) is made up of all volunteers who are not personally affected by hemophilia. It is a great group of local members of the business community who have come together to help others, and do something positive for the community. Because we are small, and being all volunteers, we rely on staff at the local hemophilia treatment center to assist with program development and patient outreach. 

What drives your business?
As a small non-profit, we rely heavily on community support, and the generosity of others, to donate to the mission and vision we are upholding. Our group is also driven by the simple goal of making life for patients and families better tomorrow than it is today. We constantly strive to identify areas of need, and work tirelessly to raise the needed funds to meet those needs. Seeing the local Southern Arizona community step up to support our fundraising events provides added drive and encouragement.  

How did Cirrus bring you peace of mind?
Cirrus has a great staff who share my passion of work hard and play hard. They are always willing to go the extra mile to provide support, advice, and most importantly quality work that has helped to spread our message. From brainstorming to the delivery, the Cirrus team is there every step and pedal along the way. 

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