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Hear from Brenda Goldsmith, Executive Director
for El Rio Community Health Center Foundation,
on how they get Peace of Mind with Cirrus Visual.

What is your passion?
Our passion is people. At El Rio Community Health Center we employ more than 1,000 diverse people who care about keeping 85,000+ people healthy and well in our community. Our passion is reducing barriers to care by offering an array of medical, dental, behavioral health, radiology, pharmacy and support services to meet the health care needs of the people who trust us as partners in their care. El Rio’s mission is improving the health of our community through comprehensive, accessible, affordable, quality, compassionate care.

What makes you unique?
El Rio is one of the largest community health centers in the country serving all people regardless of whether or not they have insurance. The majority of those we serve live at or below the federal poverty. We work with hundreds of types of insurance and offer a sliding fee scale for those with no health insurance. In 2014, we provided over $13M in unreimbursed charity care.

You would be surprised at the skills, dedication and passion of our 135+ doctors, dentists, nurse practitioners, midwives who work full time at our 17 sites. You may also be interested in the fact we are educating 120 students and medical/dental residents. In addition, 120+ volunteers serve in the following ways: on the two boards of directors, El Rio Vecinos young professionals group, teaching wellness classes, reading to children, collecting books, helping at special events and assisting at community outreach activities.

Our consumer voice is always at the table with more than 51% or of the health center board members being patients. They help with decision making, planning and oversight of the overall organization. In 2015-2017 our major initiatives include: a strategic cultural transformation process, renovations of the Historic Manning House and construction of a new building which will house 230 El Rio employees’ downtown, constant quality improvement in patient outcomes and wellness a programs.

What drives your organization?
Our organization is driven by our cultural beliefs: Honor Patients, Step Up, Break Boundaries, I Matter, Value Health, Create Tomorrow and our key results which are 1) World class experience for patients and staff; 2) Healthier patients and staff and 3) A positive bottom line.

How did Cirrus bring you peace of mind?
Cirrus has provided outstanding services to help us brand our health center to reflect the high level of care we are providing. They have been wonderful partners with the El Rio Health Center Foundation producing newsletters, annual appeals, reports and the collateral for our largest fundraiser, which grosses $300-$350K annually. Our relationship began with marketing for the foundation and the development of health center brand guidelines and grew to the development of new marketing materials for the overall organization, individual sites and programs.

Life is all about relationships. We are grateful to be working with the competent, invested marketing/design team at Cirrus on a multiplicity of projects for the health center and foundation. It is the trust, respect, communication, and follow-through from the Cirrus team that brings us peace of mind. 

You can learn more about El Rio at or on the El Rio Community Health Center Facebook page.

Health Center New Patient Packets
El Rio Community Health Center came to Cirrus for help with branding their marketing materials for new patients. We developed branding standards for all of their marketing communications, to include – identity, colors, fonts, application, and tone of designed materials. Today, Cirrus Visual provides an array of design and print materials to help El Rio reach their goals.

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