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Hear from Kevin Kaplan, Vice President Marketing & Technology for
Long Realty on how they get Peace of Mind with Cirrus Visual.

What is your passion?
Our passion and our purpose at Long Realty is to positively impact people’s lives.

Whether it’s our buyers and sellers, our agents, our employees or members of the public, that’s the reason Long Realty exists. To the extent we can do that in some form each and every day is what makes us tick. Personally, I’m passionate about creating opportunities and innovative ways to help people achieve new levels of success, spending time with my family, and riding bikes.

What makes your business unique?
Full service is something we live, eat and breathe. We truly believe in providing our customers and agents a better, full service real estate experience. To do that well takes dedication, investment and focus. Our agents, buyers and sellers have choices on who they want to work with. We believe in earning that opportunity every day. 

What drives your business?
I think its best summed up in our culture statement. We challenge ourselves constantly to live up to these expectations. It’s about great teamwork.

Long Companies is a community of market leaders driven by the relentless pursuit of excellence through innovation, collaboration and passion.

We’re also focused on the consumer, and how we can help them achieve their real estate goals. Real estate is still a relationship driven business, so we’re always improving on ways to help agents and consumers connect and providing the right information along the way. Technology continues to play a more integral role in our business, and I would say Long Realty is known for being “leading edge” in finding new ways to engage consumers and facilitate agent business with digital platforms.  

How did Cirrus bring you peace of mind?
Cirrus Visual has been a marketing partner of ours for many years. And when I say partner that’s deliberate because that is the depth of our relationship. They attend our marketing and technology meetings and actively participate not just in design, but also concepts. For example, we recently re-launched our website to include a new property search with pending sale and sold property information, and a new notification tool called myPropertyAlerts. The Cirrus team was part of our collaborative effort to develop advertising campaign messages, design and implementation. As part of that campaign, one of our TV spots was designed to target the 18-49 audience and tap into the huge Walking Dead following. Brandon and Matt Blair went as far as being “zombies” in that TV commercial. Now that’s true dedication and partnership!

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  • To see “behind the scenes” shots from the filming of the commercial taken by Elle Kay Photography, click here


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