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Read about how Andrea, owner of Mouth of the South Salsa
found Peace of Mind with Cirrus Visual. 

Our passion is our Community
We pride ourselves on being a small local startup company that offers a locally made product. We know where we came from and we are proud of who we are.  We are privileged enough to live and run a business in a community that values local products and endorses and provides venues in which small business owners are given so many opportunities to highlight and market their products and services. If it were not for the outpouring of generosity and support from other local businesses, business owners, community supporters and local buyers, Mouth of the South Salsa Co. would not have been able to thrive as it has in the past year. We are passionate about continuing to grow those relationships in the years to come and to inserting ourselves into more community driven projects and events.

Our Mouth Makes Us Unique
Mouth of the South Salsa's recipe is a unique and authentic family recipe developed over time. The taste offers a fresh and consistent flavor in each and every jar, whether it's Lame, Tame, Flame or Insane, once you try our Mouth, yours won't be the same! Not only does the flavor of our Mouth speak for itself and stand out over other brands but the fun, loud, outgoing and engaging manner in which we deliver and market our products is something that is not easily forgotten. You can find us at local salsa challenge events, farmer's markets, and crafts fairs offering up our famous Salsa Shots and cadence calls of “Who Wants Some? Get Some!” At Mouth of the South Salsa we give you more than just another salsa; we give you joy in a jar!

Word of Mouth is what Drives our Business
From Facebook to twitter, Instagram to email our social networking community is what has driven us at every turn in the road. Every time we share a picture or post about our business we can reach more people in minutes than we can in a whole day of face to face networking. We have made and sustained valuable relationships because of our social media outreach and we continue to market and network into new avenues every day.

Cirrus Brought us Peace of Mind and a Face to our Mouth
Being a small startup we were adamant about one thing, our brand had to be as bold as our product. We knew we had a great product but getting the general public to know that was a different story. To get new customer's to look at our product above other more well-known brands required a logo and image quality that grabbed the consumer's attention. We had researched several designers and design companies looking for that connection and imagination that could bring our ideas and our company to life. We had yet to find that quality in a company until we found the team at Cirrus Visual!

From the very beginning the Team at Cirrus Visual offered us timely service, easily available support and A+mazing results! Before Cirrus, we would stay up all night crafting and printing our own substandard labels, always having more trials and errors than we ever did successes.  Before Cirrus Visual we were tired, frustrated and unhappy with the look of our products. Working with Matt, Tyler and Sofia at Cirrus Visual was literally like using a life line and was truly a dream come true! They took our ideas, fails and success and crafted them into an overall stand out brand. Our new logo, business cards, jar labels, store flyers and embroidered aprons created by Cirrus have brought us not only Peace of Mind in every sense of the word, but have they have also given our company a new face to go with our mouth!

Learn more about Mouth of the South Salsa! Click here to check out their Facebook.

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