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Hear from Gillian Plaunt, Director of Marketing 
for Robert Paul Properties
 on how they get
Peace of Mind with Cirrus Visual.

What is your passion?
Our passion is providing exceptional service, attention, and guidance to our clientele as they go through the process of buying or selling property. We understand that for most people a home is their most valuable asset and take pride in our part of that lifecycle. Buoyed by a skilled team of agents and administration, at every point in the process we strive to have our clients feel genuinely well taken care of and represented.

What makes you unique?
The traditional approach to real estate has always been location, location, location, but we actually believe things have changed and lifestyle needs to top that list. While we do have agents who specialize in a specific area, we also encourage our agents to know our entire marketplace, and to tune into what a client wants from a home versus where they want that home to be. We have agents who help clients with their homes from Metro Boston all the way to the coasts of Cape Cod. That’s a large part of the attention and guidance we offer and we have an endlessly happy rolodex of clients who appreciate that extra level of service and knowledge we provide.

What drives your business?
We stay true to our core beliefs of a job well done, with a singular vision that a service company must provide extraordinary service. As a small company we are able to provide a professional approach along with a personal touch. As an independent brokerage we are also nimble enough to change and evolve within our quickly modernizing industry. We are always challenging ourselves to make the company and what we do the best in the industry.  

How did Cirrus bring you peace of mind?
We believe in strong branding and therefore provide free design services to all of our agents, ensuring the company and our clients are always represented with consistency and in the best light. Cirrus has helped us hone our brand, providing exceptional design services since our launch 6 years ago. The quick, professional, and always friendly service we receive has kept us as loyal customers. Situated in New England as we are, so very many miles away from Tucson, designers Dennis, Josh and the entire Cirrus crew have always felt like members of our team and we never doubt that they’re working to make us as successful as we’ve become. 

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