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Your business card is important.

Your business card may be the single most important thing you have to marketing yourself and even your business.  A business card that stands out and is memorable will go a long way to leaving an impression on someone. Custom shapes and different finishes to include foil stamping and embossing are great ways to separate your business card from others in the stack.

Examples of business cards that we design and print are:
• Full Color Business Cards
• PMS (Pantone) Color Business Cards
• Foil Stamped Business Cards
• Embossed Business Cards
• Custom Shaped Business Cards

Unique Finishes for Business Cards: UV Coating, Laminating, Spot UV

Custom designed office collateral suite can help you stay in touch with your customers, donors, investors or anyone else who you need to contact. Cirrus designs and prints: letterhead, envelopes, note cards, postcards and other types of collateral to keep you in touch with the world. Cirrus also designs digital letterhead and stationery templates so that you can “print as you go” or send emails with your branding.

Tell your story with a brochure

Brochures are often the starting point to a branding campaign. Cirrus approaches the design of a brochure based on “why.” It’s important to know why you are developing a brochure and then we can focus the design on who the brochure is targeted to. Cirrus works to keep brochures as concise and brief as possible so long as we are able to effectively communicate the message of the business, product or service that is being highlighted. Cirrus can design a small brochure such as a rack card, as well as multiple page brochure to be used as a catalog.

Examples of brochures that we design and print are:
• Trifold brochures
• Gatefold Brochures
• Full Color Brochures
• Foil Stamped Brochures
• Embossed Brochures

Cirrus has a good track record for creating highly effective brochures.
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