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The Big Picture.
Your Corporate Brand is the big picture of who you are and is what your audience understands you to be. The logo is the foundation and single graphic to represent the brand, but there is a lot more to a corporate brand than a logo.

Your corporate brand may be applied to:

• Office Collateral
• Business Cards
• Stationery
• Print Advertising
• Direct Mail
• Online Ads
• Brochures
• Trade Show Exhibits
• Training Materials
• Website Design
• Email Eblasts
• Social Media
• Vehicles
• Sales & PowerPoint Presentations

Be Consistent.
The key to corporate branding is consistency. Whether it’s your business card, or the company vehicle that’s been wrapped with your brand, it’s important that people identify with your company. 

Cirrus understands the importance of Corporate Branding and a powerful logo. We have good experience in making sure that not only is your brand recognized, but also that your branding remains consistent across all visual communication platforms. We’d love to be your branding partner.


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