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How to Design for a Perfect Print File

You can trust us when we say we're experts at both Design and Print, it's what we do! If you're looking to design your own products for print, see below for our crucial design tips that will ensure a perfect print file every time:


1) Plan

Prepare for Success

  • Identify your project needs
  • Visualize the end results
  • Research | Ideate | Conceptualize

2) Prepare

Identify Production Requirements

  • Ensure assets meet production needs
  • Consider bindery, folds and finishes
  • 300dpi images | Crops | Bleeds

3) Build

Apply Design Elements

  • Adjust Image contrast and saturation
  • Use Pantone colors for consistency
  • 10%+ Screens | 2% Noise on Solids & Gradients

4) Create

Export your files

  • Save as PDFx4 print setting
  • Make PDF presets for proofing and printing
  • Single page files | Trim Marks only | Bleed Settings

5) Review

Double-check your work

  • Open the PDF before submitting
  • Confirm crops and bleeds
  • Page count? | Page size? | Errors?

Need specifications for setting up a perfect print file? Click the button below for a downloadable PDF with all the details.

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