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We caught up with Todd Sadow, creator of Epic Rides to hear his thoughts on how we help build their success in the mountain biking world. 

What set the foundation for your business/organization?
Todd: Epic Rides is a passion driven organization with the intent to spread gospel about the fun & personal reward inherent to the sport of mountain biking. 

What inspires you?
Todd: Tens of thousands of smiles each event weekend and the little victories along the way to building each event. Events require a tremendous amount of effort from a large group of people to produce. Within that effort is numerous well executed marketing campaigns; from the overarching event series to an individual announcement that brings with it good news, each milestone represents an opportunity for victory for the Epic Rides team, our event partners and, ultimately, each participant.

In building your success, what’s the most valuable lesson that you’ve learned?
Todd: Working with the right people determines the fate of success or failure. 

How does Cirrus help build your success?
Todd: Cirrus is a longtime partner of Epic Rides that contributes year around to Epic Rides achieving it's (lofty) goals. From dialing in marketing campaigns, to maintaining focus on what's most important in order to deliver finished projects on time to understanding our markets needs and how to communicate them. 

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